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Its literally a calulator, photomath, and a teacher all combined into one, it can solve just about any equation or expression you put into it, graph many of them, and thoroughly explain how to solve them. Really time efficient in helping me with homework. And then be able to teach it to your child.

Tim Delgado

I tried the exact same problem using Photomath and Microsoft Math and they both were not able to determine my handwriting, it was great! But the app doesn't have a word problem thingy. Never had an easier time or better app to help with homework.

Michael Serpa

Hi This app this is an amazing app it helps me understand the problem alot better thank you, at the moment it's on its stepping stone and with the more users requesting help that it may not show the more will later on in the future so by far best app in terms of helping identifying math solutions.

Cory Benson

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