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If you're struggling with trigonometry, this app is for you! With step-by-step explanations and practice problems, our experts will help you master trig in no time.

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Trig Solver on the App Store

The Trigonometry help app is a great way to learn about this important math topic. With this app, you can get help with homework, assignments, and practice problems.
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Trigonometry Help Lite on the App Store

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Another thing is that it lets you take a picture of the problem for it to solve (works most of time but can bug out, dont rely on it), this app is definitely the best math app I've ever come across, the way it, not only gives you the answer you need but also, explains the solution in detailed steps is so helpful! I can genuinely say that I've become better at math on my own due to this app and its' breakdown of methods.

Mathew Speed

This app is just straight awesome but the calculator is a little confusing but once you get the hang of it this app will get you a hundred on almost any thing, and in a timely manner. Messes up sometimes, but that's nothing compared to how much it does get right, i would absolutely recommend this for good walk-throughs and problem checking, easy and nice use.

Jerry Howard

Hopefully this would be seen :'), no adverts either. I did other math solving apps too but none be like this particular one. This app is great for every subject of math, i might be able to go to collage because of this.

Christopher Tolson